Episode 1

Welcome to the Accountants Law Pod!

Episode 2

Why Did You Start Your Business?

Episode 3

Accounts Receivable with CollBox

Episode 4

Accounting Conferences: Scaling New Heights

Episode 5

Three Way Reconciliation - What Is It?

Episode 6

Working with Legal Administrators

Episode 7

FTC Compliance with Chris Farrell - Part 1

Episode 8

FTC Compliance with Chris Farrell - Part 2

Episode 9

Working with Attorneys

Episode 10

Health and Wellness with Paris Heinen - Part 1

Episode 11

Health and Wellness with Paris Heinen - Part 2

Episode 12

How To Balance A Trust Account

Episode 13

Developing Professional Confidence with Misty Megia

Episode 14

KPIs for Law Firms

Episode 15

Trailblazing a Cakewalk with Susan Tucker

Episode 16

Accounting Conferences: Bridging the Gap

Episode 17

How to Sell Without Selling with Theophan McKenzie

Episode 18

How to Run a Fully Remote Accounting Firm

Episode 19

Benchmarking Your Business with Ben Day

Episode 20

Accounting for Midsize v Solo Law Firms

Episode 21

Financial Planning for Attorneys with Silver Oak Wealth Planning

Episode 22

 What's You Elevator Pitch?

Episode 23

Law Firm Gifting with Meranda Vieyra

Episode 24

Thank you! 

Episode 25

The Power of 13 with Paris Heinen

Episode 26

Preparing for Year End

Episode 27

Coming November 30

Episode 28

Coming December 7