Extreme Productivity with Seth David

Our favorite person is here with us today!

We can safely say that none of use would be here today without Seth David. You've heard us mention his name before and we will for sure sing his praises in future episodes!

Seth David is "Chief Nerd" at Nerd Enterprises, where he is on a mission to reduce stress for accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners by sharing his experiences.

After working as an auditor for a number of years, Seth relocated from New York to Los Angeles, worked for a publicly traded company, and several CPA firms before and during his tenure as the President and founder of Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

Since that time Seth has become one of the leaders in the accounting industry at the forefront with his use of technology in accounting.

Most recently Seth has leveraged his experience as an auditor in creating The Bulletproof BookkeepingĀ® and accounting process. You can see this in his courses as well as accounting and bookkeeping services.


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